Simple procurement strategy:

Excellent quality through co-operation

Quality has its origin in many sources. Our suppliers belong to the most productive of these. They support our claim to excellence with the quality of their products, materials and services and the reliability of their logistical operations.

Our procurement strategy is simple: we want to work together with the best in strategic and operative purchasing. The evaluation criteria are also just as unambiguous: Delivery performance, quality, pricing and flexibility, and by way of example, specific demands on material provision for compliance with Kanban based manufacturing processes. Making an impression here can be profitable. We look for and engage in long-term partnerships that include joint further development around the product and processes as well as the exchange of know-how. 

Our co-operation with suppliers is diverse. We purchase materials for manufacturing as well as capital goods and equipment both at home and abroad. The commodity groups of particular interest to our purchasing department can be found here. | more |


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