Practised commitment for the utmost reliability

Excellence as a standard

HORA implements on all levels what the company slogan signifies: Excellence. The driving force behind it is the will to provide high-quality products and services around the globe in a reliable and punctual way and to support these over their entire lifecycle. This demands internal processes and structures that are aimed at delivering the most important corporate asset: Quality through excellence.

Process optimization. The quality seal, which our products get on their way to customers all over the globe, reads "developed and manufactured in Germany". This excellence has many facets. Process optimization is one of the most important. Supported and assisted by scientific expertise, it has been subjected to target-oriented development and incorporated into the corporate strategy. Important elements include the early introduction of the Balanced Scorecard, a target-orientated supply chain management system and flexible production control in accordance with the Kanban principle. But there is still a long way to go. We expand our competitive lead every day with two product innovation teams that can work independent from the operational business and another innovation team that was formed solely to optimize our processes.  

Employee competence. The knowledge and capabilities of our employees are important instruments for excellence. They are also the basis for the very specific HORA way, to complement product-specific benefits with the "inspiration" factor on highly-competitive markets. Our objective is to understand customer challenges, offer solutions to these challenges and achieve true added-value for our customers. This is why promotion of  intellectual advancement has a high priority within the company.  Exceptional training and further-education measures are just as important as a range of cooperations with technical colleges and universities as external sources for additional know-how transfer.

Modern technology. The company profits are completely re-invested: in machines and installations, in development and innovation, in continuous improvement of the processes.  The result is state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees high levels of productivity and short lead times. A development environment, which promotes innovation. Along with a process infrastructure enabling strictly-controlled and economic work processes. This is the foundation for what sets us apart: Being different as the driving force to be better...

Acclaimed process optimization:

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