About us

Our vision

We would like...

  • ...to be the most successful company in our markets.
  • ...to be a more competent partner for our customers than our competitors are. 
  • ...to make HORA the most attractive employer in the control valve industry.

Company principles

HORA as a medium-sized family company is strongly committed to continuity and long term economic success. The following are our guiding principles:

  • HORA is a medium-sized, independent company committed to continuity and stability.
  • Satisfied customers are the basis of our success.
  • We support our employees and foster their development.
  • We always strive to act fairly, openly, honestly and dependably with everyone, both inside and outside our company.
  • We develop our key products ourselves.
  • All our strategic business divisions are equally important to us.
  • We generate reliability with process stability.
  • We aim to achieve a double-digit profit as our operating result.
  • We reinvest our profits in the company.