The HORA iPhone App valveMate

HORA's valveMate is the ultimate tool for sizing control valves for water and steam.

valveMate is based upon the international IEC 60534 standard (i.e. DIN 60534-2-1:2000 and ANSI/ISA-75.01.01-2007, resp.)

The necessary thermodynamic properties of the fluid are calculated using the formulations of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS-IF97).

valveMate's intuitive user interface with the simple input-output approach lets you get straight to the results. No space on the screen is wasted with unnecessary items. All calculations are done in real-time, no extra calculation button is needed.

Based upon the input data, valveMate automatically detects the aggregate state of the fluid and applies the respective formulae.

valveMate indicates when flow is choked or flashing, where the degree of flashing is given by the steam mass fraction shown in the results. The characteristic valve factors FL (liquid pressure recovery factor) and xT (pressure differential ratio factor) can be entered individually, or picked from a list of numerous trim types as given by the standards mentioned above (cf. screenshots below)

valveMate offers the following calculations:

  • flow coefficient (kv / cv value)
  • flow rate (mass flow rate G / volume flow rate Q)
  • pressure differential delta p
  • minimum inner diameter based on a given maximimum flow velocity

Besides, the thermodynamic properties of the fluid are calculated (both for inlet and outlet):

  • specific enthalpy
  • density
  • saturation pressure
  • saturation temperature
  • isentropic exponent
  • Joule-Thomson temperature
  • mass fraction of the steam in the outlet (important in the case of flashing)

In the settings, you can select between mass or volume flow rate, specify the maximum flow velocities for water and steam separately.

You can toggle between metric or imperial units, or select your favourite unit for each parameter individually. When changing a unit, the affected parameter will maintain its true physical value, thus valveMate serves as a unit converter as well.

valveMate supports the following gestures:

  • shaking: toggle between metric and imperial units
  • portrait: display name of the parameter and value with two decimal places
  • landscape: display name and symbol of the parameter and value with six decimal places

Thanks to the automatic e-mail generation you can send the calculation results to anyone in the world.

valveMate is sensitive to the selected language of the iPhone/iPod. It ships with the following languages (others may follow if you like):

  • English
  • German

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