Stay cool when overheating

Competence of HORA for cooling without thermal shock

Innovation is key at HORA. It gives a message to our customers the our ideas not only help in solving problems but also prevent those problems from happening in the first place. One example of this competence is the cooling of superheated steam.

This process is usually performed by the boiler feed water, which is sprayed directly into the steam pipes by fine nozzles. Sometimes, in the event of extreme condition (excessive temperature), quick transition from high to low temperatures can result in thermal shock at the walls of the cooler. Our experts developed a shock therapy named Cooled Cooler to overcome this problem. It prevents an abrupt cooling process and minimizes the risk of thermal stress at materials and the resulting damage.

Cooled Cooler - inspiration from film cooling

The design principle is based upon the concept of film cooling used in gas turbines. The method involves taking a part of the steam and circulating it within the gap between the cooler and the casing. The circulating steam tends to lower the temperature of the body of the desuperheater and minimizes the temperature between the body of the desuperheater and incoming water. This enables the cooler to withstand high temperature and hence avoiding the phenomenon of thermal shock. The process of development of the cooled coolers was aided by the use of modern software for flow simulation, which helps to visualize and analyze the temperature distribution in the cooler and the heat distribution in the solid body. Based on the comprehensive knowledge of the actual flow conditions in the steam pipes, concepts relating to the efficiency and material-friendly temperature reduction of the hot steam could be implemented. The Cooled Cooler project is underway.

Additional saturated steam for the heat stream

Stay cool even during overheating is achieved by surrounding the actual cooler with a cover casing and flooding the gap between the cover casing and the cooler with saturated steam. The saturated steam is introduced through a flange on the valve body. As a result, the injection coolers' pipe is surrounded by the steam film, and can be heated up to the saturated steam temperature. This keeps the main cooler at the desired temperature and provides effective protection against possible thermal shock.


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