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Keyword: Focused product range

We concentrate almost exclusively on the engineering, manufacture, and sales of customized control valves for the water and steam cycle of fossil fuel-fired power plants. That sets us apart from the competition - and benefits our customers. No frittering away of our resources and know-how, but rather a focus on our core competency, ensuring that our customers are benefitted from innovative developments, high-quality products and capable consultation.

Keyword: Global focus

The global appetite for energy is growing. Particularly in countries such as Russia, India, and China, where large power plant construction schemes are underway and large capital investments are being made in building new power plants and modernizing older power plants. We began our participation in these growth markets at an early stage, and we set up a global sales and service network in Europe, North America, and Asia together with our local partners. This makes us a preferred partner for large, globally-operating power plant builders such as Siemens, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. and General Electric as well as the Russian Power Machines or Shanghai Boiler Works.

Keyword: In-house development

We develop our key core products ourselves. In this context, it means motivating bright minds to design exceptional products and thereby solve our customer requirements. Our ability to safely master complexity is a result of the combination of excellently-trained employees, modern CAD and simulation tools as well as professional methods. The result is products that open new perspectives for future power plant generations and also contribute in increasing the efficiency of existing power plants.

Keyword: In-house production facility up to 90%

In-house vertical manufacturing levels of up to 90% are the main reason why we produce our control valves at a very high level of quality and with excellent value for money. We develop our expertise and core competence in important fields like welding, annealing and large body machining in-house. This benefits our customers with the excellent quality of our products. A key indicator of this fact is the very low complaint rate. It is significantly below the industry average.

Keyword: Competent customer service

The more complex the tasks with which we are confronted, the greater the need for sales and consulting competence. We meet this challenge with a team of the most excellently trained engineers. They provide expert advice -  but also listen attentively to what our customers have to say. This allows us to observe the market and to implement that which makes us what we are: Customer-focused order processing to achieve a globally leading position in the high-end sector in control valves for water and steam applications.

Keyword: Highly qualified employees

Excellence is a bold claim. Employees must have comprehensive qualifications in order to achieve it. Constant learning and building on what we know is our path to excellent performance. We work together with renowned institutions like the Kraftwerkschule Essen and the University of Applied Sciences Aachen (Fachhochschule Aachen) in training and providing continued education for our engineers. Internal and external programmes for employee development accompany such initiatives. These measures are intended to provide a high level of quality for reliable control valves and actuators, ensure competent consultation for our customers, and offer the services required along the entire product lifecycle.