We give employees what they really need

We provide room for development

We welcome smart and motivated people. More than 300 of them are already working for us. We constantly invest in their advancement and professional qualification -  and we always watch for new talents. We provide our employees what they need: freedom to develop and improve their skills in a family-friendly environment.

We require people, who are seeking professional challenges in a company that offers more than just the same daily routine: personal development opportunities and interesting challenges in an international environment. Our doors are always open for those who share the ambition to belong to the best. This applies to

  • experienced engineers, designers and specialists, who want to further advance their careers.
  • qualified university graduates, who want to test their theoretical knowledge in practice.
  • exceptional people from non-related professional backgrounds and unconventional thinkers, who want to express their being different in a company that has itself claimed to be different than the others.
  • motivated students, whom we can offer dual or joint study programs.
  • capable and willing first-time employees interested in qualifying as cutting machine operators, technical product designers, mechatronics technicians, IT specialists or industrial clerical staff.


Your know-how and motivation are your main asset. Whether you are male or female, join our team.

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