Martina Peitzmeier

"Professional development is at HORA not a question of age, but more the opportunity to continuously develop oneself and to acquire the skills to take on more responsibility."

Martina Peitzmeier, Team leader forged steel


Senior Excellence Programme

Careers know no age at HORA

"Reach your goal by dedication": Martina Peitzmeier knows what she wants. For her current range of tasks as a technical designer at HORA it means: "Designing and developing forged steel control valves for the high pressure and high temperature sectors is an exciting challenge." She is doing very well at her job, so her department head put her name on the competitor list for the Senior Excellence Program (SXP) at HORA: It was an outstanding success, because the name Martina Peitzmeier was selected during the qualifying rounds and was moved from the applicant to participant list.

A chance to re-join

The HORA employee, born in 1966, wrote her own personal success story. As a young entrant at the start of her career, she was at HORA in the 1990s, but took a 15-year break for family reasons. We offered her a chance to rejoin the company. "When I came back, everything had changed", she said remembering her first time back at work in 2007. Computers instead of a drawing board, a mouse instead of a pencil, software tools rather than a ruler - there were no shortages of challenges. Her "I can do that" mentality helped her master everything - as well as the support from her colleagues.

Further development with SXP

In the meantime, Martina Peitzmeier designs complex final control elements on the PC - and none of them is exactly like the other. By participating in the SXP program, she is using the chance to further develop her technical knowledge. But that is not all. She is also learning new skills. Time and conflict management are just as representative of these skills as project management and balance sheet analysis. "We improve our technical core competence and maintain the opportunity to expand our horizons and discover more about the company as a whole", says Martina. She is representative of employees over 35, which we include in technical and personal development for the SXP initiative. The time that she has to invest for the 18 SXP months are not just beneficial for Martina Peitzmeier...