Burj Khalifa building

The Prince's family trusts Hora's quality

Burj Khalifa - the highest building in the world and an icon of the superlative. Perfect air conditioning is provided by HORA valves with a large nominal size, pressure balance and microprocessor-controlled actuators.

Control valves for gas applications

Safe gas supply for the whole year

To provide households and industry with natural gas in Winter, large supplies of gas are stored in huge underground facilities. The storage pressure can be as high as 245 bar. HORA explosion-proof valves regulate the inflows and outflows of natural gas between the storage facilities and the gas pipelines.

The Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt

The Deutsche Bank Towers - renovation and modernisation

On completion of the biggest building renovation and modernisation project in Europe, one of the most environmentally-friendly high-rise buildings in the world was born, the Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. HORA control valves help to reduce the energy consumption and the carbon dioxide emissions by more than 50%. The Greentowers of the Deutsche Bank are the first modernised buildings worldwide with an LEED Platinum certification.

HORA valves in motor sport

HORA valves in engine test beds

Even in Formula 1 or the DTM (German touring car championship) one relies on HORA's quality. The highly developed engines of the teams are optimised on the engine test beds, which are equipped with HORA valves. HORA industrial valves with electric and pneumatic actuators are used.

Special applications

Special demands require special solutions

In plants and production engineering, there are special requirements for a safe and efficient regulation of liquids and gases. HORA Flow Control provides individual solutions: Multi-stage valves for high-pressure differentials with welded ends or flanges compliant to DIN EN or ANSI. In addition, we provide a wide selection of different actuators.

HORA actuators in the food industry

Hot steam makes beer taste as it should

Steam as a process medium plays a significant role in the food industry. HORA actuators with emergency function regulate the flow. The valve shuts quickly and reliably in an emergency. Closing times of two seconds prevent water hammers in the installation.

Thermal insulation of buildings

Optimized insulation of buildings - also thanks to HORA

Optimization of the heat insulation of buildings is of paramount importance when we look at reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. At G+H Isover, the volume of air in the production of insulation mats is regulated by fast-moving MC actuators from HORA.

N24 - The news channel

Always on the air with the news channel N24

N24 rolls out news 24 hours a day. Compact, explicit and coherent. Small HORA actuators and zone valves silently and intelligently provide a pleasant temperature in the studio.

HORA actuators on the supply vessel

Safe breathable air for deep-sea professionals

Professional deep-sea divers work at depths of up to 400 m, e.g. on oil and drilling platforms. As the life-saving decompression time lasts for such a long time, deep-sea divers live in chambers with 40 bars of pressure between their dives for weeks on end. HORA actuators on the ship regulate the temperatures of these survival chambers.