Natural gas valves

HORA valves have been utilised in the compressor stations and storage for applying and releasing pressure process. They ensure the safe operation of the large-scale valves when applying pressure and for an automated and safe pressure reduction when releasing pressure. The HORA patented hybrid sealing systems thereby represents a permanently thight seal in the seating thus preventing leakage losses as well as icing up in the pressurising bypasses. The control set on the plug is utilised to provide an impact- free and low-wear opening of the valves and prevent the transmission of pressure surges in the system.

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Natural gas valves for storage and compressor stations
Connection Medium °C Material DN Class Form Actuator
flange natural gas
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-40...+80 1.6220+QT 25-250 600
electric 1313-05
manually 1213-05
Actuator equipment | electric
1929 AE
Actuator equipment | pneumatic
1949 AE


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