Industry control valves

Industrial control valves made of cast iron with pneumatic actuators

Flange to EN 1092-2 type 21
Overall length EN 558-1 basic series 1
Leakage rate
EN 1349 - Seat leakage IV L1 (≤ 0.01% of kvs value)
Field of application Industrial systems for neutral gaseous and liquid media 0...+ 180°C, with stem heating suitable for media temperatures down to -10°C, with stuffing box extension or stainless-steel bellows to - 10°C...+300°C
Cast iron GG-2   EN-JL1040
Plug/Spindle CrNi steel 1.4057 / CrMo steel 1.4122
Stem sealings EPDM (max. 180°C)
Alternative stem seals to 300°C
see valve equipment
Actuating force up to 32 kN
Air connection PA-N160 and PA-N300: NPT 1/4
Air connection PA-N540: NPT 1/2
Air connection PA-N1080 and PA-N2160: NPT 3/4
Function: Actuator spindle extended without air, reversible
Actuating pressure max. 6 bar



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