Control valves solar power plants

Control valves for heat transfer fluid

Connection type Buttwelding ends acc. ASME B16.25
Leakage rate
FCI 70-2-2013 - seat-leakage Class IV
Application range
Heat transfer fluid in solar power plants
with design data up to 400 °C and 40 bar
Cast steel GS-C25N 1.0619+N SA216-WCB
Stem sealing Bellows made of 1.4571 with graphit packing
Plug / Stem
Port plug made of CrNi-Stahl 1.4057 / Stem made of CrNi-Stahl 1.4057
Characteristic Equal perecentage modified
Direction of flow
Flow to open | with balanced plug: flow to close
Ambient conditions
Outdoor installation -10 °C...+50 °C
Corroision protection category C5-I and  C5-M acc. DIN EN ISO 12944-5
Air connection PA-N300: NPT 1/4
Air connection PA-N540: NPT 1/2
Air connection PA-N1080 und PA-N2160: NPT 3/4
Function: without air actuator stem extended, valve closed
Operating pressure max. 6 bar



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