The HORA iPhone App valveRuler

An old slide rule in digital format

The good old slide rule was a highly desired tool for planners and technicians over the course of 20 years. But now it is ready to retire: The modern iPhone App valveRuler is ready to replace it.

Simple designs of valves for water and saturated steam applications can be immediately undertaken at the flick of a wrist.

  • Nominal size (DN)
  • Flow volume in m3/h
  • Mass flow in t/h
  • Flow coefficient (kv-/kvs value)
  • Pressure drop delta p

All that you need is your iPhone and some operating parameters. The intuitive user interface delivers a quick and easy result. Reference values for flow speeds and instructions on critical pressure differences support you in the correct selection of nominal sizes and kv-/kvs value. The DIN EN 60 534 based result can be sent by e-mail - to colleagues or even to us, to get an offer or to obtain further data.

Download and more information available here.